Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cool new movie for Historical fans

The new movie The Duchess with Keira Knightly is about Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire--the beautiful, witty socialite beloved of all of London in the 18th century (except of course by her husband). I've always been fascinated by her and that time. I'll be interested to see how Charles James Fox is portrayed.

I have no idea how well this movie is done, but it might be worth looking at, if only for the costumes!

Info at: hp?storyId=94662956



Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Agent Blogging Today

My agent did a blog/interview today over at

He offers some good advice about agent seeking and the biz.

Jennifer Ashley

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Live Radio Show tonight (9/2/08)

Tonight I will be talking (with my mouth) on Canned Laughter and Coffee radio show hosted by author Renee Bernard.

Date: 9/2/08
Time: 8:16 EST (that's 5:15 PST)

Or and search on Canned Laughter and Coffee.

There will be a live chat at the same time, and if I can figure out the technology I'll answer questions, etc.

I'll be talking about Immortals: The Redeeming . . . well, anything Renee asks me, actually! She's a hoot, so it should be a fun show.

Looking forward to it!