Thursday, August 27, 2009

From Nothing to Full Book

I'm guesting at Magical Musings: with a tale of how last year I had a looming deadline, a blank screen, and no story. From blocked to book. It might be inspiring. :-)


Tara said...

I just read your guest post. Thanks for sharing the story behind your story.

Choir Loft said...

Claims about royalties are WAY over stated. When a publisher (self or standard) puts out a new book at $15 - $20/copy, how many copies do you think ppl will spring for when big publishing houses sell theirs for $8 - $10? eBooks typically yield $1.25 per copy and print soft cover books get you between one dollar and whatever the market will bear on personal signings.
If you think you're going to make money without an agent in the publishing business, you're dreaming. The big question is how to get a good agent. Good luck with that one, pilgrim.

Jennifer Ashley/ Allyson James / Ashley Gardner said...

Choir Loft: I'm not quite sure what this comment is in reference to. Big publishing houses usually price trade paperbacks at $14-$16. Ebooks might be discounted to 9.99. At a trad house, you get about $1 per book (print or e- ) in royalty. Self-publishing yields more--typically 70% of cover price on e-books, about $2-$3 per book on Print on Demand (depending on book length and your price point).

I wrote this post we're on in 2009. Since then the publishing world has changed DRAMATICALLY, with print runs dropping to nothing. So being able to make a living writing is different now. The genre writers I know make a large part of their royalties from e-books (whether trad or self-published). Not sure about non-genre fiction and non-fiction.