Thursday, January 14, 2010

Creating Characters the Organic Way

I wrote a big, meaty post on my method for developing a main character over on The Chatelaines.

Scientific it ain't. But it works for me.


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Monya Clayton said...

Hi Jennifer - different site of yours, me again. It did occur to me the book ad on the Russian site might be legitimate. Just wondered why they titled it: The Pirate Next Door/The Pirate And The Puritan. I expect I'll never know. Though maybe it'll lead to a stray sale or two.

I've often wished I'd used a different title! Sounds like a bodice ripper when it's a Sweet. And gets mixed up with Cheryl Howe's HR of the same name. "The Reluctant Pirate" perhaps? Too late now!

Thanks for answering. And congrats on being translated.