Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Online Workshop--Agents: Do You Need One/How Do I Get One?

I will be teaching an online workshop from Feb 1 to Feb 7 through my RWA chapter at /. My workshop:

Jennifer Ashley--Agents: Do You Need One, and How Do You Get One if You Do?

From 2/1/2011 to 2/7/2011

Questions many authors face at the beginning of their careers are: Do I need an agent? What for? How do I find one? Will an agent represent an unknown, unpublished author? What about if I'm category published or e-press published? The answer to all these questions is: "It depends"--on many factors. Agents are not golden tickets to success; on the other hand, navigating the waters of big-house publishing without them can be tricky and sometimes impossible. This workshop will address what an agent's job is, what you should expect from them (and what you should not expect), when and why you should go it alone, how to find an agent to represent you, and how to work well with your agent once you're signed with her.

Cost: $15 for Desert Rose RWA members; $20 for non-members

Sign up at:

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-Stephanie- said...

Hi Jennifer!

I've been following your blog recently and might I say, you are so awesome!

Thank you for all your advice. I'm a prospective writer and I wanted your advice about copyrighting a book before sending it out for agents to read.
It could be an obvious and silly question, but I want to make sure I'm protecting my work the right way.

Thank you,

-Stephanie- said...

Thank you so much for your response last week. I've been meaning to say.. YES! A new post is due :)

Thank you so much!